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Life, equality, balance.

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A goal of excellence, culture, values and education.  

Read about V's ideas.

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All you see and read on these pages is part of V's creative expression and ideas. We are working to upload more of it here. 

From me, they call me V.

As you may, or may not know, I am a Ballerina. My life most of the time is spent dancing, but I’ve ventured into other aspects of production as it is an inseparable part of dancing original repertoire. I want to impart ballet to many and want to see it develop out of its niche. A hope is to find the right partners and support to create non-commercial, non-competitive ballet shows for Television. Something that defies genre.

I love teaching, and though I do that in dance schools, I think implementing dance class into the regular curriculum of all schools will be enormously beneficial. 

My flat-works, as I like to call them [which are the photographs and drawings], are my dig into two-dimensional reincarnation of non-material stuff (those can not be seen on this site yet). I believe in the power of laconism even though I not always am. That is a driving factor in the creation of those.

Every opportunity to break the damn clichés into the tiny particles of sadness that they are is an enjoyable one.