Violet rocks


The world is made to dance. What story do you see?

Wild violet


V was the first ballerina to introduce daring efforts in ballet imagery. For the picture above she posed 'en pointe' on the broken tree and held on at more than eleven feet above the ground without a harness or safety net. 


The picture above was taken at about seven feet above a rocky streambed without safety precautions.  


Tops of trees, rocks, fences and buildings?   

The sky's the limit ;)

Violet rocks


For many years the only Ballerina in the initially "New York City Ballerina project", V partnered with creator and photographer Dane Shitagi for many memorable shoots, and lifting the standard in outdoor ballet photography. Being European and sensing the project has more than an association with New York to offer, V was vocal about shedding the NYC from the name. That said, the grit, spit and dirty raw quality the city oozes still makes a lot of the images as special as they are. These are but a few of the many V has posed for. 

The ballerina project is a great success, and the sizable contribution V made is still in the air of the rooms and halls where her pictures hang, and the imaginations of people whom her artistry touched.

Please be advised, V has no connection to photo sales and receives no royalties from photo sales.