Verse. Some works.


O future, please come and save me from myself!

The days of sorrow whisper thunder and my heart can never stop.

Thy love is stone that doesn’t shine, but sky and sun above it!

Do come and you shall have the heart of ruby diamond.

My tender friend is then a rock and music will abound!

Don’t take forever, gentle ally, as my heart may go to stop.


It is written in the sky the prize will fall on me.

Interstellar flight of Eros, the one with bow and arrow.

Constellation Corazon.

One kiss there was, delivered in the passing beat of moment

I tried to hold my own, a guard, avoid superfluous comments

Did not foresee that minute, unexpected rhythm in the step

A tete-a tete, it ran towards this moment and I was swept

Delectable and merciless, the effect of touch was blitz attack

But here ends the lovely romance, for he didn’t kiss me back.


A look at the sun. It cuts through my eyes,

it plays with my mind, with you occupied.

The headache I get gives rest to my heart,

though comfort does not wish to oblige.

I looked to win hope. For too long, I know.

Now counting on it and the hurt to ignore.

Will rueing the moment I thought I had you

be a foolish attempt,  just like that look?


No laughter causing lift amazing and my soul to fly

Not many of emphatic foes that bring felling of a desperate cry

No frames of us, kissing, touching, locked in love

Not wondering if you sense the gift that’s landed from above

No driving rude and fast on endless roads

Not thinking you will love me, as the gun reloads


I will take the hard, the broken and the sad.

So long you let me be the way I wanna be. Outspoken.


You got away, what happend? Lost it.

An awesome heart, a fire! Frost it.



Why so cold? I wonder if you know the torment you have put me in,

my every waking moment holds  a crunching pain within.

Will my love pass?  You can be sure, if our roles do not invert.

A chance intrepid though obscure, if you let me not divert.



How silly to believe a passionate embrace my world will turn to song.

While thinking of your face I know it will and for its peace I long.

When motionless I lie in bed before my sleep,

when listening to birds unknown, nocturnal,

when exploring worlds in single sweep and 

when I write in my transparent journal.

Though flying through the roads the lyrics sing she will be strong.

Still silly, futile hope is unless your actions prove me wrong.



i don’t want to think how similar we are:

i know i understand you more than you do me, by far.

an awesome fact, I got a secret picture...

a scope of snaps..revealing scripture...

found many telling details, but there’s no avoiding this:

encyclopedia of you won’t get me single kiss.



The strongest will, roam free without a care.

In motion, action, staging coup for coup!

Alas, a constant struggle for a breath of air.

The price I pay to be in love with you!



Of all the many errors made en route to you, however small they were at first and all the ones that crossed the line, I beg of you to tell me sugar: which one precisely captured your decline? The odds it wasn’t me are tough to judge. Five per cent rings like a bell of execution, but nil so very well may be truth, if fortune finds my door there’ll be a revolution! So one day soon, or maybe never, you’ll drop the guard and spell it out: Just how good I looked in leather and how difficult it was to see me in the crowd? We always tried to be so very civil, mature but fresh and very kind. In wars of love however, such efforts make no nevermind!



Smile after smile, I trace every blithe dimple in your face

Secretly I hope you do the same, celestial lines of grace

How little time is left, the tentative barometer is broke

Surrounded everywhere, overpowered by the toxic smoke

I’m shunned and only you can to my person grant absolve

Au revoir, I bid adieu, how else can this predicament resolve



As many scared from the golden ring that bounds

With you I start in mind for my compote of sounds

I have no shred of interest with you to be conjoined

But surely there are activities for us to be enjoyed

The unprecedented details may throw you out of ease

Overwhelming possibilities are here, I wouldn’t tease 

Do not fret, my dear lover, I’ll remedy your plight

Posses I do amounts untold of capacity for flight.

Your wings can take you there.



Crystallizing drops of certainty, a vague suspicion of a truth,

emergence of the spring in winter, out of the dark abyss.

Love free of stipulations, together with enlightened bliss.

A metal rope, infatuation is disintegrating quickly into dust.

Turquoise moment came and went, I wait until it comes again.

The soul is doubtless, full of premonition, with a purple glow.

If one could see, what one can not, without the many, many

troubles, you will know, at once, how much I loved you so.

To my Son


This week you turned four weeks

This week you took me dance

For the first time since becoming

My little gentleman..

My love! I'll hold your hand forever,

I'll be your gudiing light.

Prayer, heavens, help me be the rock

That wind and water can not move

For you, my little Angel, Love conquers

Everything. I'll prove.